Our Quality Range...

elegant, practical and versatile. plantation shutters can be specified in white-teak, basswood, phoenix-wood, mdf (man-made timber), ABS (waterproof) and aluminium. they are also available in a range of stained and painted finishes. louvre sizes are 63mm, 89mm and 114mm. specialty shapes to suit any window are a feature of plantation shutters.
chain driven roller blinds are the most popular blinds of all time, with a vast selection of fabrics to choose from including block-out, translucent and e-screen. they are also available in decorative textures, shapes and trims.
as either single or dual, roller blinds are suitable for every room in the home.
Roller blinds are also an excellent choice for motorisation.
perfect for that elegant, soft look in the home. roman blinds are flat panels when let down, and pleat up in even horizontal folds when raised up. roman blinds are available with a cord operated pulley-system with cord lock, or a chain operated draw system.
choose from a large selection of block-out, translucent, and screen fabrics.
vertical blinds
still one of the most practical and economical blind options on the market. perfect for large windows, and sliding or bi-fold door areas.
available in 63mm, 90mm and 127mm louvres, they can be rotated a full 180 degrees for either full or partial privacy. louvres can be fully retracted to completely open the window space.
timber venetian blinds
venetian blinds are the classic window blinds solution. privacy and light levels can be adjusted by altering the angle of the slats. available in 50mm and 63mm slats. choose from basswood, cedar, and composite materials in rich wood or painted finishes.
aluminium venetian blinds
cost effective and practical. privacy and light levels can be adjusted by altering the angle of the slats. they are available in 16mm and 25mm blades, in different aluminium shades, or a wide range of colours. perfect for the home or office.
panel glide blinds
a versatile blind option that is the perfect choice for sliding doors or large openings. sleek and modern in design and an absolute ease to use, this blind can be specificed in a range of fabric options.
perfect for patio or alfresco areas. awnings allow flexible protection from the elements when is use, and can then be retracted when not required.
our range includes traditional window awnings, folding-arm awnings, drop-down awnings, drop-arm awnings and dutch hoods.
available in block-out canvas, vista-weave screen and also clear pvc.
motorisation is also available.
perfect for enclosing patios and alfresco areas. zip-traks completely seal the area from the elements when in use, and can then be retracted when not required.
they are available in vista-weave screen and clear pvc.